About me

  • Seasoned International Negotiations Expert with more than 35 years global experience in building partnership solutions with deep understanding of complex business-to-business strategies.
    Experience with a variety of companies, product categories, cultures and countries across Europe; in China, Korea, United States, and Canada.
    Demonstrated agility at local and global levels.

  • Companies and Organizations I worked for or with include:
    International Coffee Organization / International Cocoa Organization / International Sugar Organization / Jacobs Suchard / Groupe Danone / Electrolux Group / Kraft Foods / Saeco / Braun / Procter & Gamble / Twinings / Starbucks / illy / Costa Coffee / Tim Hortons / Dongsuh Foods Korea / Agimoto General Foods Japan / Bravilor Bonomat BV / Mondelēz International / BSH - Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group / JDE Jacobs Douwe Egberts / KINGCLEAN China / MIGROS / Delica AG.

  • Certified Business Mediator
    MAB Mediationsakademie Berlin, Germany
    Harvard Law School Boston, USA

My way of working:

  • Highly professional approach
  • Transparency throughout the whole process
  • Independence and neutrality.
    As a Certified Mediator I am equally committed towards all participating parties
  • Facilitated negotiation based on respect and fairness
  • Passion and empathy to assure all parties engage in a way that allows reaching sustainable agreements.
  • Confidentiality is key– and is even a legal obligation for a Certified Mediator