Optimal Decision Making –
Strategic Negotiations

Achieving success in business is impossible without making decisions.

We make decisions all the time. Many are fast and based on routine, and others made after longer considerations. Some decisions have little trivial impact, while others can have significant commercial and strategic consequences. Decisions can turn out to be quite fortunate or trigger unwanted negative results.

Putting decisions into implementation always requires interaction with others.
Through the Strategic Negotiations Framework as I have practiced and refined over the years, you can land optimal decisions that can be executed with maximum positive impact.

To do so requires Negotiation Strategies that arrive at beneficial agreements for you and your negotiating partners. In my practical experience, the following 3- step- approach to thinking through the impact of various strategic moves in negotiations and to developing robust Negotiation Strategies have proven to be very effective: 

  1. Position review, inventory check: honest – and considering all essential aspects. This would not only relate to your company, but also include information, understanding of history, problems, sensitive points of the negotiating partner. 
  2. Realistic target setting: a desired end goal, with implementation phases and time horizons. 
  3. Detailed Strategies: implementation initiatives with alternatives, required capabilities and resources, critical milestones and responsibilities.

This process often also requires considering further adjacent factors and hence involves thorough preparation, analysis and priotisation.

In the end, this process yields optimal decisions with clarity on targets, priorities and strategies; and they open new ground for taking action.

They are the foundations of Strategic Negotiations.

As internationally seasoned professional negotiator at board level, I can support you to develop successful Negotiation Strategies and, if so desired, also actively engage in Strategic Negotiations in English or German.