Conflict Resolution - Cooperation Management - International Business Mediation

When could we work together:

  • You are looking resolve a conflict
    …by way of Mediation?
  • You are looking for support
    …to facilitate international negotiations?
  • You are in serious disagreement with a cooperation partner,
    …but you shy away from taking legal action?
  • You want to enter into a cooperation,
    …but you have no previous experience how to set up the right business model?

My way of working:

  • Highly professional approach and transparency throughout the whole process
  • Independence and neutrality.
    As a Certified Mediator I am equally committed towards all participating parties
  • Facilitated negotiation based on respect and fairness
  • Passion and empathy to assure all parties engage in a way that allows reaching sustainable agreements.
  • Confidentiality is key – and is even a legal obligation for a Certified Mediator