ANDREAS PERSCHON, Zertifizierter Wirtschaftsmediator (MediationsG) Alliance Management - International Business Mediation Kooperationsmanagement - Internationale Wirtschaftsmediation Motto: succeeding together in what cannot be accomplished alone
ANDREAS PERSCHON, Zertifizierter Wirtschaftsmediator (MediationsG) Alliance Management - International Business Mediation Kooperationsmanagement - Internationale Wirtschaftsmediation Motto: succeeding together in what cannot be accomplished alone

business model development - negotiation - implementation - mediation - conflict resolution


  • You want to build an alliance, but have no previous experience how to set it up
  • You are in an alliance, but it is not really working to your expectations
  • You are in serious disagreement with your alliance partner, are highly dependent on one another and shy away from taking legal action
  • You are looking resolve a conflict by way of Mediation


  • Business model development for alliances - negotiation – contracting - mediation – conflict resolution
  • passion to reaching sustainable agreements - that all sides can accept
  • fairness, mutuality and balance – managing emotions
  • credibility, reliability and trust
  • 360-degree thinking: line of sight to desired end result - before acting
  • confidentiality
  • highly professional Mediation


  • Seasoned International Negotiations Expert with more than 30 years international experience of building partnership solutions with deep understanding of  complex business to business marketing and sales strategies 
  • experience with various companies, product categories, cultures and countries across Europe; in China, Korea, Unites States, Canada - agility at local and global levels:

    International Coffee Organization / International Cocoa Organization / International Sugar Organization / Jacobs Suchard / Groupe Danone / Electrolux Group / Kraft Foods / Saeco / Braun / Procter & Gamble / Twinings / Starbucks / illy / Costa Coffee / Tim Hortons / Dongsuh Foods Korea / Agimoto General Foods Japan / Bravilor Bonomat BV / Mondelēz International / BSH - Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group / JDE Jacobs Douwe Egberts / MAB Madiationsakademie Berlin / Harvard Law School Boston.
  • Latest assignment 2005 – 2015: Global Director Alliances - Coffee
    at Kraft Foods / Mondelēz International – London / Zurich:

    Development, Implementation and Management of Mondelez’  external Alliances for the TASSIMO hot beverage system:
    • business model development and refinement for the Tassimo machine alliance
    • contractual agreements between Mondelez and machine partners
    • definition and leadership of joint business- and planning processes with machine partners
    • new Tassimo machines / product portfolio development processes
    • leadership of strategic and functional alignment across all company functions and geographies between Mondelez and machine partners
    • acquisition, assignment and relationship management of beverage guest brands to the Tassimo system
  • Conference presentation:
    CoDev Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 2009: „Choosing the right partner”
    (see page: CoDev 2009 Presentation)
  • Since 2015: Executive Consultant - Certified Business Mediator 
    Alliance Management and Business Mediation.
    ( MAB Mediationsakademie Berlin and Harvard Law School Boston

Happy to talk: Anytime, Anywhere, Discrete


Andreas Perschon

Certified Business Mediator

Zertifizierter Wirtschafts- Mediator ( MediationsG)

zertifizierter wirtschaftsmediator


internationale wirtschaftsmediation


+49 (0) 176 8691 3074

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